Does Size Matter In Postcard Marketing?

When choosing to invest time and money in a postcard advertising, one of the first questions to ask yourself is; which type of standard postcard size is right for your campaign. Choosing the right size postcard for your marketing campaign is just as important as the marketing campaign. Contrary to the popular adage, in this case, size does matter.

Why does size matter, you may ask. Well, for marketing purposes, it matters for several reasons. To start, an essential aspect of postcard marketing is the ability to stand out. Your aim should be to have your postcards stand out against competitors and any other piece of mail your customers and prospects may receive on a given day. A too small postcard runs the risk of getting lost in the shuffle. While a too big postcard stands the chance of being tossed out for being burdensome or awkward to handle.

Additionally, aspects such as printing and mailing costs, are determined according to the size of a postcard. Printing companies tend to have additional costs to produce postcards that fall outside of the standard postcard size category. As expected, the larger the postcard, the more expensive it is to print. These additional costs for printing impacts the overall budget amount for your postcard marketing campaign.

In terms of additional costs for mailing, the US postal service determines the pricing structure for a postcard based on its size. So, any postcard outside of their guidelines is classified as a letter or large envelope. These classifications come with an additional postage cost.

It is for these reasons that size matters when choosing the postcard size for your marketing campaign. It is, therefore, imperative that you learn what the standard postcard sizes are and the benefits of choosing each size.

Choosing The Best Postcard Size

No two companies are exactly alike so, it stands to reason that no two companies would have the same definition of what is “best” when it comes to size, purpose, and design of a postcard.

In fact, there are several factors that need to be considered when determining the size of your marketing postcard. The first being, consideration of postcard design ideas at your disposal. A lengthy message with an extravagant design would require a large amount of space. While, something simple – like the announcement of a new product – could fit quite easily on a smaller size postcard.

Another consideration should be your other marketing channels. For example; if your time and effort went into crafting an elaborate brochure design, your jumbo postcard might upstage your other printed efforts.

All in all, the selected postcard size will come down to your budget, marketing goals, and target audience.

Popular Postcard Sizes

With regards to the question of what the perfect size of your postcard should be, there is no definitive answer. However, there are a few postcard sizes that have proven to be more popular than others. In fact, most printing companies will have these three sizes readily available and set as the standard postcard sizes you can choose from. Here they are:

So, what’s the Standard Postcard Size?

The standard size for a postcard is 4 inches by 6 inches and is often the first choice for businesses. Despite having a limited amount of space for marketing, this postcard size is seen as the most cost-effective. This is mainly because it qualifies for the post office’s standard postcard mailing rate as well as first-class delivery times.

As a result of being on the smaller side and offering limited marketing space, these standard postcards have specific uses. In fact, anything that has a minimal amount of content such as announcements, save the dates, special offers, and reminders can be done using the standard postcard size.

When it comes to your postcard marketing campaign, this postcard size can work. While effective by itself,  it should be used in conjunction with other marketing efforts such as brochure mailings and mass emails, among others. This postcard size is just another opportunity to get your brand in front of your prospects and customers.

Large 6×9 Postcard 

The large size postcard is 6 inches by 9 inches. Despite not qualifying for the cheapest postal rate as the standard size postcard does, this postcard size has many benefits. And these benefits are definitely worth the additional postal and printing cost.

Larger than the standard postcard size, these postcards have quite a bit more space. What this means is that you are not lacking in space to convey your message. Also, in addition to your message, you have more than enough space to include a call to action and pictures as well. Because it affords you the opportunity to convey your message using all these aspects, the large postcard is seen as unique. It is an almost guaranteed way to easily capture your customers and prospects attention because it stands out.

It is because they stand out, these large postcards are effective for introducing your business or products to new or prospective customers, launching new services and products and announcing any significant event. Essentially, you should use large postcards anytime you have a longer message with accompanying photos.

Jumbo 6×11 Postcard – Ideal for B2B postcard advertising

As the name suggests, this type of postcard is huge and is ideal for B2B postcard marketing. It measures a whopping 6 inches by 11 inches and helps B2B service providers capture the attention of prospects. In fact, if the large postcard didn’t prove as effective as you wanted, the jumbo postcard is definitely the way to get your message out there.

These exceedingly large postcards are perfect if you are having issues with setting yourself apart from competitors or if you have a huge amount of information to share. 6×11 postcards are perfect for reaching out to small businesses with your marketing message because they stand out!


When choosing marketing channels for your business, it is recommended that you take a look at all the marketing channels available, before making a decision. The goal is to choose a marketing or several marketing channels that suit your business and will be effective in getting your message to your customers and prospects.

One sure way to get your message across is with postcard marketing. Actually, postcards are seen as one of the most effective and efficient forms of print marketing. Postcard marketing allows you to capture the attention of your audience with straight forward and easy to absorb messages.

When all is said and done, the best size postcard is the one that you decide is right for your marketing needs. It is the one that you decide is perfect for your target audience and budget.