Is B2B Postcard Marketing the forgotten channel? 

Contrary to popular belief, direct mail marketing, particularly B2B postcard marketing, is not dead.

Despite being the less publicized B2B marketing channel in today’s digital world, B2B postcard marketing is actually still thriving. In fact, this marketing channel is still in the top 5 among the preferred marketing channels.

Why you may ask. Simple; it works! B2B postcard marketing is a historically tried and proven method of B2B marketing. Additionally, not everyone is technologically inclined. As a result, some people still prefer or can only be reached via printed material. So, clearly, it still has a place.

In an effort to remain competitive and relevant in today’s digital marketing world, companies tend to focus their investments on digital marketing, as opposed to direct mail marketing. Actually, almost an entire generation of digitally proficient marketers are unfamiliar with this method of marketing.

This, however, is a mistake. B2B postcard marketing, when coupled with a great digital B2B marketing strategy, can produce results beyond expectations. Here are three uses for this marketing channel that may not be familiar to marketers today.

Use B2B Postcard marketing to drive qualified leads

This marketing method can be used to increase leads to your website or a special landing page. By doing simple things such as offering an eBook, a webinar, whitepaper or other premium content, you are increasing leads. Additionally, this B2B marketing method allows you to pre-qualify leads. This is done through postcards that carry easy calls to action or compelling offers. Not only do they generate leads, but they also help you to learn more about those leads.

B2B Postcard Marketing

B2B postcard marketing can be used to stay ahead of long-term and longer-term prospects. Because of how slowly the business-to-business pipeline flows, the nurturing process for prospects requires more “touches.” Essentially, this is achieved through this marketing method because it is seen as “high touch” by prospects. Every time you reach out to your prospects using postcard marketing, you prompt action, build trust and reinforce your message.

Cross-sell, up-sell and replicate sales from existing customers, all with B2B postcard marketing. Use this marketing method to also reignite the flame with lapsed customers.  Use it to also invite prospects to special events such as trade shows, seminars, live demonstrations, and webinars. Announce new services, products and even people with B2B postcard marketing.

Benefits of B2B Postcard marketing 

This Marketing channel offers certain advantages that set it apart from other marketing channels:

B2B targeting is now easier

Never underestimate the power and benefits of an efficiently compiled mailing list. An exquisitely crafted mailing list from a knowledgeable and reputable source can help you connect with the right people. That is; the people who are most likely to purchase and use your services or products. This is one of the advantages B2B postcard marketing has over internet marketing. Your mailing list can help you target the desired group using information like correct gender, age range, and even businesses who are likely to be interested in your products and services. The fact of the matter is, your mailing list allows you to reach the right customers for your business while removing the guesswork.

Flexibility in spending

Having an efficient marketing strategy is a must for every business, but having a cost-effective and efficient marketing strategy is the ultimate goal. This is where B2B postcard marketing comes in because it allows for AD campaign customization to suit your budget. Essentially, it is a cost-effective solution to get your message in the hands of your customers and prospects.

Increase your reach

Not every customer or potential customer your business targets is internet or computer savvy. This is where B2B postcard marketing has the upper hand over internet marketing. It allows you to reach that segment of society that is not likely to learn about your products, services or business over the internet. Even the internet savvy potential customers may not know about your business from the internet, because building a website does not automatically equal views, traffic or purchases. With B2B postcard marketing, you can be sure that your business’ information lands in the hands of those customers and prospects hand selected by you with the communication tailored for them.

Sales increase through promotions, gifts, and deals

Two things capture the attention of customers and potential customers and those are, first; care and concern by the marketer and second; promotions, free items, and coupons. Think about it, if you sent your mailing list of customers and potential customers special promotions, a gift or coupon for their birthday or wedding anniversary, aren’t they more likely to remember your company? Aren’t they more likely to choose your business to purchase from as opposed to another? The answer is yes. So, B2B postcard marketing is essentially an effective way to realize sales growth.


When crafted and implemented correctly, B2B postcard marketing can help you to achieve your business’ marketing goals. There are a few things to keep in mind though, that will ensure you receive all the benefits B2B postcard marketing has to offer. Firstly, remember that timing is important. What this means is that repetition is a must when using this marketing channel. Use the same mailing list to send multiple correspondences at least once a month to customers and prospects. This ensures your company’s branding is reinforced and established and when the prospect is ready to purchase, your postcard is within hand reach.

Secondly, DO NOT forget to follow up. It would be a complete waste to just send postcards to your mailing list and never garner any results for your business. You have to measure and track your results, all while following up with potential customers as well.

Do not make the crucial mistakes marketers in today’s digital marketing world who may be quick to dismiss B2B postcard marketing as an effective marketing channel. Moreover, when added to a well planned and detailed internet marketing strategy, you are setting your business up to be on top.